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Vitamin B12, Vitamin D/D3 Estimation T3, T4, TSH, FT3, FT4. FSH, LSH, Prolactin PSA B-HCG, CA-125, Trop – I Quantitative, Ferritin Testosterone

Comprehensive Hormone and Vitamin Analysis

Ensure optimal health with our comprehensive hormone and vitamin analysis services at our diagnostic center. Led by Dr. Neeraj Gupta, our team offers specialized tests to assess levels of essential vitamins and hormones, providing valuable insights into your overall well-being.


Dr. Neeraj Gupta, an esteemed expert in Radiology and Ultrasonology, oversees our Comprehensive Hormone and Vitamin Analysis services. With specialized training and extensive experience, Dr. Gupta ensures accurate and thorough evaluations, offering personalized recommendations based on your unique health profile.

Services Offered

  • Vitamin B12 Estimation: Evaluate your vitamin B12 levels to support nerve function and red blood cell production.

  • Vitamin D/D3 Estimation: Assess your vitamin D levels to promote bone health and immune function.

  • Thyroid Function Tests (T3, T4, TSH, FT3, FT4): Evaluate thyroid hormone levels to assess thyroid function and detect thyroid disorders.

  • FSH (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) Levels: Assess reproductive hormone levels to monitor fertility and reproductive health.

  • Prolactin Level: Measure prolactin levels to evaluate pituitary gland function and assess fertility and lactation.

  • PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) Test: Screen for prostate cancer or monitor prostate health in men.

  • Beta-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (B-HCG) Test: Detect pregnancy or monitor trophoblastic tumors.

  • CA-125 Test: Assess CA-125 levels to monitor ovarian cancer or other gynecological conditions.

  • Troponin-I Quantitative Test: Evaluate troponin levels to diagnose heart conditions such as myocardial infarction.

  • Ferritin Level: Measure ferritin levels to assess iron stores in the body and diagnose iron deficiency anemia.

  • Testosterone Level: Assess testosterone levels to monitor reproductive health and assess conditions such as hypogonadism.

Why Us?

Choosing our center for your Comprehensive Hormone and Vitamin Analysis means choosing expertise and personalized care. Dr. Neeraj Gupta’s dedication to preventive healthcare and his commitment to patient well-being make us the preferred choice for individuals seeking comprehensive health assessments. Trust us to provide you with accurate results and supportive guidance towards optimal health.

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Take the first step towards understanding your hormone and vitamin levels. Schedule your Comprehensive Hormone and Vitamin Analysis at Dr. Neeraj Gupta’s Diagnostic and Imaging Center. Our caring team, led by Dr. Neeraj Gupta, is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need on your path to wellness.