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Fetal Echocardiography

Fetal Echocardiography

Ensure your baby’s heart health with our specialized Fetal Echocardiography service. Led by Dr. Neeraj Gupta, our center provides comprehensive and accurate fetal heart assessments, offering peace of mind to expectant parents.


Dr. Neeraj Gupta, a distinguished expert in Radiology and Ultrasonology, oversees our Fetal Echocardiography service. With specialized training and extensive experience, Dr. Gupta ensures thorough and precise evaluations of fetal cardiac anatomy and function.


Our advanced facility offers state-of-the-art Fetal Echocardiography services, allowing for detailed assessment of your baby’s heart health. From detecting congenital heart defects to monitoring cardiac function, our specialized imaging techniques provide invaluable insights for expectant parents.

Why Us?

Choosing our center for Fetal Echocardiography means choosing expertise and compassion. Dr. Neeraj Gupta’s dedication to fetal health and his commitment to personalized care make us the preferred choice for expectant parents. Trust us to provide you with accurate assessments and supportive guidance throughout your pregnancy journey.

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Take the first step towards ensuring your baby’s heart health. Schedule your Fetal Echocardiography appointment at Dr. Neeraj Gupta’s Diagnostic and Imaging Center. Our caring team, led by Dr. Neeraj Gupta, is dedicated to providing you with the support and reassurance you need during this important time.